Fibre Optical Sensors
- Development of Fabry Perot pressure sensor system (patent application)
- Simulation model to study reliability of fibre Bragg grating sensor for safety critical applications
- Simulation model to optimize the sensitivity of distributed temperature sensors based on Raman scattering
Vacuum Pressure Sensors
- Simulation model to study and improve time response of Pirani vacuum sensor
- Simulation model to identify sources of drifts in diaphragm based vacuum pressure sensors
MEMS Flow Sensors
- Simulation model to develop new measuring algorithms


In-situ Thin Film Monitoring
- Development of a single wavelength measuring in-situ monitoring systems for optical thin film coating equipment
- Development of a spectrum measuring in-situ monitoring system for optical thin film production
Medical Imaging
- Development of a CCD-based X-ray imaging modality
- Ray tracing model to solve stray light issues in a dermatological imaging device



- Development of interconnection technologies for photovoltaic modules (several patent applications)
- Simulation models to study impact of various design parameters - optical and electrical - on module performance

PV-Cell and Module Testing
- Development of a LED based PV-cell and module tester
- Algorithm to extract critical, connection related parameters from IV-curves


Mini-Grids (see also "Articles and Presentations")
- Development of simulation model to study and optimize semi-autarkic PV-mini-grids
- The simulation uses surrogate models for the system components and the environment
- The model is an Excel-application and can cover a full year with a time resolution of 15minutes